“Senior” Courtyard Dispute

Lizzy Ledesma, Writer

The courtyard has become available for everyone even though it used to be for seniors only. This took the seniors by surprise and many were not happy with it. But, why was it taken away and what do the other classes think about it?

It was changed in the first place for safety reasons. We all must take into consideration that this year is the first year after quarantine and during lunch, we cannot social distance. If you were given the choice to sit outside and be safer, would you take it? This doesn’t stop people from being upset about this decision.

Many believe that it should still be for seniors and there are other solutions to this situation. The majority that believe this belong to the junior and senior classes. Junior Luis Reyes believes the courtyard should only be for seniors because “that’s something they had to wait to use.”

Most seniors are also distraught about this decision. Carter Horten believes that even after COVID, it should still be for seniors.

“I was aggravated when I first heard everyone could eat outside. And now, as a senior, it is much harder to find a place to eat outside since it is filled with underclassmen,”  senior Briana Hollomon said.

On the other hand, some believe that the courtyard should be available for everyone. Senior Kathlyn Canales, believes it is not fair for the seniors but also believes everyone deserves to be able to pick where they want to eat lunch.

The sophomores and freshmen also believe making the courtyard available to everyone is fair. Sophomores Jayden Kamara and Rachael De La O were both excited to hear that the courtyard was available to everyone so that they could get fresh air.

“[It] shouldn’t matter what grade you are in to be able to use the courtyard,” Kamara said.

Freshman Franklin Padilla and Tiffany Baitinger also believe grade level should not matter.

“Allowing everyone to eat outside was a good idea,” Baitinger said.

While some believe the courtyard should be available for everyone, others believe it should only be for seniors. Whatever side you are on, it doesn’t stop the fact that the cou

rtyard being for everyone has to do with safety concerns. Remember, this is the first year back after a worldwide pandemic.