Overcrowding issues on campus

Savannah Fitzgerald, Writer

Osbourn High School has welcomed more than 2,300 students into its hallways this school year. 

Despite being in a pandemic, the hallways of the school remain crowded with students and staff trying to get to their next class. Most people are masked, but there is little to no social distancing.

“[Hallway traffic is] really annoying and makes me late to class,” junior Daisy Maldonado said. 

Maldonado, who said the West Wing has the most crowded hallways, said she has been on both sides of the crowded crunch.

“Somebody pushed me and I saw someone trip [once] going up the stairs,” Maldonado said.

Students said that hallways are crowded, messy, and extremely difficult to travel through. 

“It gets very crowded to the point where everyone is rushing,” sophomore Jarely Barragan said. “It needs to be more organized.”
Despite student concerns, Principal Mike Pflugrath said he is encouraged by the way students are moving and following hallway rules. 

“I think it’s been great this year and students are doing a good job abiding by protocols,” Pflugrath said. 

Students who were interviewed offered some advice for others traveling in the hallways. 

“Make sure you’re walking fast, not too slow and don’t stop in the middle [of the hallway],” freshman Ava Grant said. 

While Pflugrath suggested students “move with purpose” through the hallways, senior Gabby Brizuela said, “Just go to class, don’t socialize when you’re supposed to be going to class.”