Do you fly with FLY time?

Do you fly with FLY time?

Radwan Khan, Writer

FLY time stands for Fostering Literacy Yourself. Osbourn implemented it in the Advisory class to boost the students’ achievement from increased literacy, but some students disagree with the purpose of this addition. 

FLY time is supported by the research of the National Center for Educational Statistics. Who is the federal entity that focuses on the education of students in the United States and other countries. They collect and analyze data relating to those same matters. The NCES  claims that reading for just 15 minutes can allow students to gain considerable positive reading achievement. 

“It gives everyone a chance to sit and read, ” History Teacher Wendell Johnson said. “It is a good way to start the day.”

FLY time takes up a time for 10 minutes right after the morning announcements. 

“10 minutes may be enough for some students,” Junior Andy Tapia said. “It may not be enough time for some students to benefit from it.”

Some students feel as if they do not have an option when it comes to FLY time. Junior Ronin Connelly only “participates [in FLY time] because [he is] forced.”

“I think FLY time should be optional; however, I think reading during the time should be strongly encouraged,” Junior Joshua Hunt said. “I think it should be optional since some students may want to spend the time in advisory on something such as last minute studying or review.”

Johnson disagrees, he believes that students should be doing FLY time because,

 “Everyone can improve their reading/thinking skills.”

Connelly believes that FLY time should be moved to a different class.

“[FLY time] should be moved to English because it makes more sense because in English [you’re] focusing on reading, comprehension, and writing.”