How Students Stay in Contact During COVID



“Smartphone” by anykeyh is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Leila Hogan, Writer

Keeping in contact with friends is one important aspect of a teenager’s life, but due to COVID-19 students were forced to find another way to keep in contact with friends. Social media, facetiming, and texting have helped keep students and friends connected. 

“I keep contact with my friends through social media/ or gaming,” said senior Krysthell Castillo. 

“Social media- Snapchat and Instagram. As well as in-person from time to time,” said sophomore Michey Nolasco.

When students would go out to meet with friends, there would be recommended precautions they would need to take. 

“We wear masks at all times unless we are eating,” said Nolasco. 

When students would text or facetime they used certain apps that were comfortable for them.

“I only text, but I use Discord, Instagram, and messaging apps,” said junior Aerianna Young. 

“I mainly use Snapchat, iMessage, Instagram, Roblox, and Factime,” said Castillo. 

Keeping in contact with friends can be good for a student’s mental and emotional health. 

“It helps me mentally by keeping me busy, and gives me people to joke around with when I’m not working,” said Young.

“Keeping in touch with people really helps me emotionally and mentally not feel alone. It’s a great distraction as well, especially playing a game with your friends. That always seems to cheer me up, I really recommend you guys doing that,” said Castillo.