A break from traditional social media.

In this article we will be discussing the crucial truth of the negative effects social media has to one’s mental health.


Michey Nolasco, Writer

Times like these social media can be a great way to stay connected with friends, love ones, and the outside world. But with good comes bad. Social media is a danger to one’s mental health stability. Especially to the adolescents.

Statistics show that 64% of adults and 81% of teens use social media in the United States placing a great risk to young teens and adults to developing anxiety, depression, or ill over social media. 60% of social media users, specifically the younger audience, have reported cyberbullying. The main effects that cyberbullying has on victims are abusing alcohol and drugs, engaging in self harm, deleting social media all together, and developing depression as well as social anxiety.

Although, what exactly makes an individual go back to social media despite it causing harm?

Many individuals enjoy social media because it is a security blanket. It is a temporary fix to a problem. Most people confuse numbing from an adrenaline rushing to the body and brain. This is what one would call an unhealthy coping skill. An addiction, a need for having to depend on social media.

FOMO (fear of missing out) tends to be the biggest concern when someone takes a break from social media. Taking a break from social media involves not being caught up to date with general and/or local information, slangs, and invitations. It will feel difficult at first but if one really wants to better themselves off social media then it will not be impossible.

From personal experience, I remember my very first time taking a break from social media it felt uncomfortable. I had made it a routine to constantly check my notifications. I would wake up and the first thing I would do wouldn’t be to check the time or to take a glass of water, it would be to check all my socials. I slowly got the hang of not having to depend on social media to give me entertainment. I made it a routine to put social media on pause and to undergo self care for a week or 2 every month.



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Mental Health Resources

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