Deadly Snow Hits Texas

Clara Hernandez-Figueroa

Snow here in Virginia means NO SCHOOL and most of the time the county is totally prepared for it. Texas on the other hand was not. Death tolls are estimated to be at least 36 people due to the inclement weather. Around 2.5 Million Texans again will go their 4th night with no heat or clean water. Utility companies didn’t seem to weather proof their power making facilities. 

Pipes froze and started bursting in people’s businesses and homes, flooding them. People have tried to leave and that has led to the highest amount of these snow related deaths. The second highest cause of death has been from carbon monoxide poisoning due to people running their power generators inside. 

Utility companies are scrambling to fix the problem and have asked for outside help as a second storm is in the way. They should have been ready for this since a similar situation happened about a decade ago, but they weren’t.