The Return of In-Person Learning

Michey Nolasco

On Friday, February 5, 2021, Virginia Governor. Ralph Northam announced that all schools(in VA) need to offer in-person learning by March 15. Many parents and student are concerned with this decision due to Virginia being one of the worst states with COVID-19. Governor Northam stated that Virginia’s COVID-19 records are slowly decreasing. When returning back to in-person learning, Governor Northam asked that both staff and student take wearing a mask and washing their hands seriously.

Despite how arduous that past couple months have been because of COVID-19. Both Governor Northam and President Biden feel strongly about students returning back to school, especially students that are in PreK-6th grade.

“I feel like it is an unfair idea. Most student’s were able to get a job due to not having in-school learning and they would have to quit if we were to go back to school. They should have at least notified us a lot more ahead of time.” senior Brayan Perez said.

“I think it is good that all the teachers are getting vaccinated but it would be unsafe for the kids to go back at the moment since they risk bringing it back to whoever they live with.” sophomore Nili Schriebman said.

Prince William and Fairfax County are the two biggest counties in Virginia. Prince William population is currently 470,335 and Fairfax County with the population 1.14 million as of 2019.  Fairfax County holds 62k cases with nearly 821 deaths. Prince William County has 37k cases with 327 deaths.

“I actually think that going back to school is a really great idea, I want to go back to school. Online school makes it very easy for a student to fall behind. In-person learning is a lot easier.” sophomore Diego Hernandez said.

“I don’t like the plan on going back to school. I feel like it is too early to go back since the vaccinations are barely even available for the public” sophomore Jonez Perez said.