No Maskers

Margie Martinez, Writer

With our new elected president came a crowd of unhappy republicans. As we all know there was an attempted attack towards congress at the capitol. This took place on January 6th and resulted in five deaths.

After this incident occurred, many republicans expressed their anger by not wearing their mask while out in public. Not only is this a danger to them but to all of those around them. This has been a regular occurance ever since the pandemic began, but it has now peaked due to the current circumstances. 

The majority of the “no maskers” do tend to be republicans, but there are a few that just genuinely do not care for themselves, their family, and the public. Not only is it a major health risk, but it is a great inconvenience for the essential workers that have been dealing with no maskers since April. 

These incidents can lead to loud outburst, and conflict with the no masker and the business that they are giving a hard time to. No maskers tend to be bold and proud although they are going against the law. This can be a very uncomfortable situation to be a part of. 

Many of the essential workers that have to deal with the no maskers are High Schoolers working minimum wage jobs. As you can imagine it can be difficult to level with an adult who is having a tantrum, and refuses to put on a mask. 

Many of these young employees are beginning to become fed up with the no masker activity. Some places have even gone far enough as to let the no masker know they can refuse service if they do not cooperate with them. 

This problem has to be addressed. It has become an everyday occurrence, and it needs to stop. Not only is it a threat to the health of many civilians and essential workers, but it is against the law.  

This is putting our freedom from Covid behind. If the no maskers continue not to participate our world will not get better. To get through this pandemic we have to ALL collectively wear a mask and social distance.