Start of a New Season

Joey Lorance, Writer

NHL Hockey is back! With Philadelphia and Pittsburgh facing off on the Wednesday night season opener, the Boston Bruins will visit the New Jersey Devils to begin theirs. However let’s take a look back on the Bruins recent past and what this season means to them. 

In the previous two seasons the Bruins seasons have ended in heartbreaks. In the 2019 season the Bruins witnessed their team reach the Stanley Cup Finals against the St. Louis Blues in a best-of-seven game series. After a close, emotional series the Bruins fell in the seventh game to conclude their season. 

The following season the Bruins expectations for the playoffs were held high, as they had won 44 regular season games, the most among the league. Unfortunately their season came to a close in the second round after being eliminated by their rival, the Tampa Bay Lightning (who went on to win the championship over the Dallas Stars). 

The Bruins clock to win the championship remains to tick however with their worst fears starting to come true. All of their best players and captains continue to age, including their longtime captain Zendo Chara. After being with the Bruins for almost 20 years his skills have fallen below average, and most were expecting to see him retire. That was until he decided to join the Washington Capitals to spend a few extra seasons playing hockey. 

On the bright side, long time Bruins assistant captain Patrice Bergeron will take over the role as team captain, but who knows how much time he has left in his career.

The Bruins most valuable defensemen, Torey Krug, also decided to take his talents elsewhere. Krug chose to join the St.Louis Blues this offseason giving the fans another reason to hate the Blues.

After all of this, the Bruins know that this may be the last time that they will be serious contenders for a year to come, while even their goalie is starting to talk about retirement. 

Even with all of these unfortunate events the Bruins remain in the championship-conversations and are ranked at number five in the league. Hopefully their stars can pull through this year and earn their city a championship win for the first time since 2011.