From Abel Tesfaye to The Weeknd

An autobiography of The Weeknd, written by Michey Nolasco.

Michey Nolasco, Writer

Abel Tesfaye  known as The Weeknd is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and record producer. The Weeknd  was born on the 16th of February 1990, in Scarborough, Ontario. The Weeknd was raised by his mother, Samra Tesfaye, and maternal grandmother. He has little to no knowledge of his father, Makkonen Tesfaye, who left the family when The Weeknd was only a year old.

Dark Past

Growing up was not easy for The Weeknd, he refers to his childhood as his “dark past”. Which consisted of moving out of his mother’s house into a one bedroom apartment with his friend, who constantly shoplifted, and blew out cash on alcohol and drugs, including ketamine, MSDA, cocaine, cough syrup, and mushrooms. When The Weeknd was not out partying, and doing unlawful things he would turn to music and sing his heart out. He once stated that his first album “House of Balloons” most of the songs were about 7 minutes long of him just rambling about his feelings.

Rise to Fame

The Weeknd slowly gained his own popularity by performing his own music in nightclubs and uploading Michael Jackson covers to Youtube. The Weeknd met local producer, Jeremy Rose, who changed his life for the better. Rose introduced a track to The Weeknd to freestyle to. In 2010, The Weeknd decided to anonymously upload the following songs from the same freestyle track- “What You Need”, “Loft Music”, and “The Morning” under the name “The Weeknd”. These songs caught the attention of both Canadian rapper Drake, and New York Times.

Albums after Albums

  • House of Balloons (2011)
  • Thursday (2011)
  • Echoes of Silence (2011)
  • Kiss Land (2013)
  • Beauty Behind Madness (2015)
  • Starboy (2016)
  • My Dear Melancholy (2018)
  • After Hours (2020)