Baby Got Track!


Victor O'Neill Studios

Michey Nolasco-Monge during last year’s Winter Track.

Elizabeth Ledesma

Winter track is just starting their 2020 season. This season everybody makes the team and it starts on Dec. 14. There will be conditioning until then on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 3:15 PM-4:30 PM. Coach Mobley and Coach Rose would love to see new members join track this season. 

Rose has been coaching at Osbourn for eight years but has been coaching for twelve years in total. Her definition of track is a sport made up of multiple different events such as running, throwing and jumping.“[My favorite part of coaching is] watching our athletes succeed and reach the goals that they set for the season,” Rose said. Some of the athletes she has coached have gone off and played in college. Her goal for this season is to have all their athletes improve throughout the season and reach their goals. 

This season there is a Varsity and Jr. Varsity due to a letter criteria given to the athletes at the beginning of the year. To get into Varsity, athletes need to reach certain criteria. There will be games this year but they will not be videotaped. Practices and games are mandatory, but they do understand if you have a circumstance that leads you to miss it. If that is the case then you need a doctor’s note. 

“It is a fun sport where you can get in shape and meet a lot of other people not just from Osbourn but from other schools as well,” Rose said. 

Mobley has been coaching for twenty-seven years. His definition of track is an individual and team sport consisting of races of distances from 55 meters to two miles. “[My favorite part of coaching is] watching athletes achieve levels that they did not think possible when they started.” Mobley said. There are “too many athletes to count” that he has coached that went off and played in college. His goal for the season is to have every athlete improve their performances with each competition. Again, there will be games and practices that are mandatory, but they understand if you need to miss one. Mobley would love for you to join because so you can “improve your overall physical condition.”

On the track, everyone participates regardless of your ability level. It is about self-improvement and not about winning the races. Practices start on Dec. 14. So, if you like running, join the winter track and look forward to more articles about it. Contact Mobley at [email protected] or Rose at [email protected] for more information.