How to Improve Your Mental Health During Covid-19


Elizabeth Ledesma

Covid has affected so many people’s mental health, especially those of teenagers. This has caused a shortage in counselors because most counselors are fully booked. But, fortunately, there are other ways to improve your mental health other than a counselor.

One way you can improve your mental health is getting physical. Go outside, get fresh air, and let your mind wander in the wild. According to Greater Good Magazine, kids who have “participated in supervised activities” in schools reported “growth in self-esteem.” So, if you are able to get outside or play a school sport, please do. 

Another way you can improve your mental health is quieting your mind. Download a meditating app and meditate once a day. According to the University of Michigan, relaxation “can improve your state of mind and outlook on life.” As well, research shows that “meditation may help you feel calm and enhance the effects of therapy.” One good app that personally helps me is Smiling Mind. In all, meditating can help you ease your mind.

Lastly, a big way to improve your health and mental health is putting your screens down before you go to bed. I know it may be hard because we are teenagers, but looking at your phone bed can ruin your sleep cycle and can lead to anxiety. According to Columbia University, studies have shown that looking  at screens “can affect how quickly you fall asleep.” This is because the “blue light from your smartphone affects the production of melatonin.” I challenge you to put down your phone an hour before bed, read a book, and then fall asleep. One cool thing about smartphones is that there is a “bedtime” setting where you can set up a break time and a time to go to bed and it notifies you when it is time to go to bed. 

Your mental health may be getting worse but there are ways to help it improve. It will not be easy but, there are people cheering you on and know that you will get better. Know that you are not alone and that your mental health is important.