Holding Cops Accountable

Margie Martinez, Writer

2020 has definitely shined a light on all American police officers around the United States. I say American because most of the incidents have happened in the United States. Every country has police officers but they are viewed differently in all places. Police officers can make citizens feel a sense of security and safety. They can also make citizens feel scared and terrorized. It all depends on how the police officers choose to do their duty. Their jobs as police officers is to protect the public and put an end to any disruption and crime. All people feel different about the police. This year many more people have sided with being against the polices’ ways. There has been a spike in police aggression during arrest, and bias during arrest. Many cases have caught the public’s attention , such as the George Floyd case which became world wide. These aggressive arrest have caused many protest. These protest took place all over America and the people made themselves heard. The protest have made many city officials want to make a change. Governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, has taken the civilians words into consideration and has made a law. This law is going to require police officers to receive extensive preparation prior to serving in the police. It has come to their attention that the problem might be the shortness of training. With longer training they will learn how to handle a variety of situations, as well as a racial screen test, which is now going to be a requirement due to recent events in the United State. This new law is expected to make a difference within the police department.